Why Games?

With so many different forms of media and entertainment on offer why choose to play ‘childish’ games?

Doom Eternal/Id Software

It’s an interesting question and one that most gamers have been asked at least once during their lifetimes.

It’s strange to consider now, but gaming was once something considered a fringe interest. It was thought to be an antisocial pastime which deprived innocent children of sunlight whilst also warping their minds to create violent, aggressive maniacs.

Or so I was told whilst someone wagged a finger in my face…

It’s exciting to see gaming as something on the increase in popular culture. Regardless of your thoughts on Fortnite and Minecraft, we can all agree that gaming has become far more mainstream because of those aforementioned titles, but is that a good thing?

Personally, yes, I think it is.

However, it also means that far more people are now aware of the gaming sector, which leads to those same questions being asked far more frequently.

Recently we’ve seen the announcements and links between gaming and violence drudged up again from the mire and thrown onto the table by politicians.

I think to label games in that kind of way is to miss the point entirely.

Games are a fantastic medium, able to transport us from saving the universe to raising virtual chickens in an instant. We can be whatever we want to be. It’s a form of escape that enables us to recharge and explore such a vast spectrum of experiences.

I’ve always loved good storylines, so when someone first told me that I could star in my own tale, complete with fantastic musical accompaniment, then, of course, I jumped at the chance to become a hero.

Skyrim/ Bethesda Softworks

I also had the same excitement when I found out I could turn into an tiger-man hybrid in Altered Beast, but I digress.

Altered Beast/ Sega

Whether tabletop, written or in video format, gaming has always been something that’s inflamed my imagination and spurred my creativity, encouraging me to look at the universe in different ways.

Violence has always existed. The Roman Empire wasn’t known to sit down for a round of Call of Duty between crucifixions and I don’t think anyone has ever suggested that Shakespeare’s Macbeth was only written to spur on violence towards potential witches!

…Or the Scottish for that matter.

You need to look at the bigger picture and you need to appreciate every angle, just like you can with films, books and plays.

I’ve learned to sympathise with alien races, to be moved by beautiful musical compositions and to always consider the thoughts and ideas of others.

I’ve been taught not only how to look at the world around me, but also about the deeper feelings and emotions within myself.

I’ve learned to be a better person.

All through gaming.

So I hope that answers your question.

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