Let’s Plays

Well, I say let’s play, but in reality I just end up waffling on about various bits whilst a game plays.

Have a watch below!

Let’s Play Hunt: Showdown

I play Hunt: Showdown, with special guest Lord Ash

Let’s Play Red Rush

Over in a hurry

Let’s Play Streets of Rage 4

Retro rampage!

Let’s Play Pixel Starships on PC

I’m in two minds about this…

Let’s Play Crew 167 – Drinking Glue and kicking blobs

Don’t drink glue, kids

Let’s Play Prop and Seek – The Darkness was a good game…

I miss The Darkness…

Let’s Play The Escaper – Interesting!

I’d be a good spy…

Let’s Play Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000 – It’s…Pong?

It might be Pong…but does it stink?

Let’s Play World of Horror- Creepy Sweaty Head still haunts my dreams

…What about the afterlife makes people so gosh-darn sweaty?

Let’s Play Shadowrain

What do you want from me?!

Let’s Play Stretchbot

Who remembers Dynamite Headdy?

Let’s Play A Long Way Down

More slabs please!

Let’s Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

I’m the Undead Commander

Let’s Play Don’t Die, Minerva!

I’m going to work on my Mr Butterworth Accent

Let’s Play A Night at the Races

I don’t think this was made with me in mind

Let’s Play Best in the West

…So, about chewing on bumblebees…

Let’s Play Tracks: The Train Set Game

I’m not the Fat Conductor

Let’s Play Grimm’s Hollow

Loving that reaper life

Let’s Play Rats, Bats, & Bones

Surprisingly spooky fun!

Let’s Play Crossroads Inn

Building is clearly not my strong point

Let’s Play Fallout 76 – 1 Year Later

…yeah, this one was interesting.

Let’s Play Alluris

Ok…so this recording actually worked!

Let’s play Cemetery Warrior 4

I’m going to ramble a bit in here…

Let’s Play the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint beta!

It’s a bit of a mixed bag in honesty!

Sir Daniel Fortesque is back! – Let’s Play the MediEvil demo!

Let’s hang out with Sir Daniel Fortesque!

Let’s Play Red Hot Vengance

I play Red Hot Vengeance by Bros Before Giraffes

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