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My favorite pancake restaurant

When I was younger I loved pancakes. Excuse me, I loved MAPLE SYRUP. Pancakes were a way to get as much maple syrup on my plate, my hands, and my face.

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Monster Hunter Rise Is Hitting The Switch

Are you eager for your fix of Monster Hunter on the go? Then I’ve got some good news, with a new Twitter post by Nintendo of Europe confirming that a new title in the series will be hitting the Switch, meaning you can hunt those beasts and cook some mighty meals no matter where you…

Fall Guys Has Been Sending Cheaters Secretly To “Cheater Island”

Cheaters are in for a bit of a surprise, with the Fall Guys developers announcing via Twitter that they have been secretly gathering data on cheaters before sending them to Cheater Island to compete against one another. Apparently spending time carefully determining who was really cheating, the developers then banished them to their own little…


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