Among Us 2 Halted – Features Are Going To Be Added To First Game Instead

It’s safe to say that Among Us, the title that encourages players to question their allies in an attempt to discover a dangerous impostor, has become pretty popular over the last month or two, with the game now one of the highest played on Twitch.

Among Us – Innersloth

Seeing this success, the developers behind the title look to be eager to increase the life of the game, suggesting that they are now halting development on a second title, with plans to bring new features to the existing game instead.

Addressing the change here in a blog post, developers and publishers Innersloth said that they had “several long discussions” before deciding that they were going to “cancel Among Us 2” and planned to “put all our focus into improving” the existing game.

Included in the features coming to the title are colourblind support, a new stage, a friends system and more, which will be a great way to enhance and improve the existing game.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea and a really good way to show their commitment to the growing community…even if many of the members seem a little off…

I need to go now, Red is looking at me in a weird way as I type th-

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