Apple Ordered To Support Unreal Engine, But Epic Might Have Made A Mistake

It looks like we’ve had a bit of progression in the Apple vs Epic Games legal battle, with Apple ordered to continue to support the Unreal Engine in a new legal order.

The Epic Games Apple Parody video – Ninteen Eighty-Fortnite

Available to read here, the order by the District Court in California has granted “a temporary restraining order based as to the Unreal Engine” and other development tools, meaning that Apple must continue to support the Unreal Engine in the near future.

It’s not all success for Epic, however, with the Court also identifying that Epic “strategically chose to breach” the agreement with Apple regarding the 30% levy imposed on microtransactions.

The Court therefore hasn’t forced Apple to reinstate Fortnite, meaning Epic may have overstepped it’s hand and lost out in the long run.

The battle initially began due to Epic attempting to avoid the cost imposed by Apple on microtransactions on it’s storefront, with Epic then launching an anti-Apple campaign to rally their fans.

You can read the full story here.

Either way, it looks like more is going to follow, so I’ll keep you updated when it does.

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