Microsoft Joins Epic Against Apple

It looks like the legal battle between Apple and Epic is heating up again, with Microsoft throwing their hat in to the ring alongside Epic.

Arguing that aggressive action against Epic’s Unreal Engine will hurt a huge number of creators and customers, Microsoft has also entered into legal proceedings against the technological giant.

Epic mocked Apple in the 1984 video in an attempt to rally their fans

Epic Games first became embroiled in the battle against Apple after the company attempted to sidestep the 30% cut that Apple takes from microtransactions offered inside games available on their App Store by changing the way in which Fortnite utilised microtransactions.

After Epic attempted to rally fans against the company, Apple retaliated by threatening to cut off Epic completely, meaning that developers would be unable to utilise the Unreal Engine to create iOS or Mac games in future.

Describing the move by the company as an “unlawful effort to maintain its monopoly”, Microsoft has now joined Epic in calling for Apple to stand down in their attacks, suggesting that just because “Apple has overreached in the past does not justify doing it again here”.

I’ll continue to provide updates as they occur.

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