Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Titles In Different Universes – Brace Yourself, It’s Confusing

So, we’ve just had two interesting titles set around the DC Universe announced, but it looks like both take place in different universes inside the DC Universe?

…Brace yourself.

Many have assumed that Gotham Knights was the title that would continue the Arkham series story, taking place after the downfall of Batman that we witnessed within Batman: Arkham Knight, however, despite looking like this is the case, the game apparently takes place in a completely different universe.

Mentioned above in a tweet by Stephen Totilo, the Editor-In-Chief over at Kotaku, WB Games have apparently stated that the title will take place in a separate universe to the Arkham games, despite Wayne’s absence that would be easily explained if it was a continuation to Arkham Knight.

This would be strange enough on it’s own, however, it looks like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League does take place after Arkham Knight as a continuation of the Arkham franchise, despite the fact that several characters have been changed significantly from their appearance within the previous Arkham games.

Both titles look to be interesting and fun romps, in their own right, however, the confusion surrounding the timelines looks to have been getting to the fans, with many unsure as to the future of the Arkham series.

We’ve seen something similar before, with the confusion that took place after Konami’s infamous Month of Madness, when the company released several Silent Hill titles within one month, which lead to a mixture of broken titles and fan confusion.

Let’s hope this isn’t the case for WB Games.

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