Geoff Keighley Reveals Info About Upcoming Gamescom – 2 Hours Of Games And New AAA and Indie Titles + More

Are you excited to get some more news about the latest games and upcoming titles.

Then I’ve got some great news for you, with Geoff Keighley annoucing that the upcoming Gamescom event will be “2 hours of games” next Thursday.

Making the statement about the event and going on to answer questions regarding Gamescom via Twitter, Keighley also said that we’re going to hear a lot more about games we’re already aware of, but also that we’ll hear some new announcements too during the event.

Usually held in Germany, Gamescom has been a source of information about the latest games since 2009 but many were unsure how the event would proceed in the wake of the Covid pandemic, but the entire event will now be “100% digital”.

The show will start at 11am PT (that’s 7pm in the UK) and will cover a wide range of titles, both AAA and indie, on all platforms.

It also looks like we’re going to hear more about some new generation titles too, with Geoff confirming that information will be revealed around the new console titles.

The event kicks off next Thursday the 27th, so make sure you tune in!

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