New Red Dead Redemption Online Patch Breaks Game

Rockstar aren’t very popular right now, with the latest Naturalist content breaking the game in a number of ways.

Brace yourself, it isn’t pretty…

Releasing the patch to support the new content, Rockstar has instead made the game almost unplayable, with a huge number of game-breaking bugs, such as disappearing characters, invisible physics objects and disconnection issues now plaguing Red Dead Online.

Whilst funny to look at for ten minutes or so, it’s understandably frustrated players who have been almost completely unable to interact with the game since the patch went live, meaning that.

Rockstar is yet to address the issue, instead focusing on the elements broguht into the game by the new update, however, it’s expected that they will work on rolling back elements of the patch over the next few days.

Are you a fan of Red Dead Online?

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