All Aeons Must Die Controversy – Crunch Periods, Lack Of Payments And More

The interesting beat-em-up we saw in the PlayStation State of Play event yesterday isn’t what it seems, with the trailer having been apparently mocked up by outsourced artists, after the team working on the game quit.

The comment was highlighted by Calibrono in a recent tweet

Commenting on the Aeon Must Die! trailer video and sharing a dropbox filled with developer and artist testimonies regarding the company (you can access this here) Erkki Poots said that the trailer didn’t mention the stealing of an original IP or the struggles faced by the team as they were overworked and underpaid.

All Aeon Must Die/ Focus Home Interactive

It’s a harrowing read in itself, but the Dropbox files paint a very dark and depressing story filled with manipulation, as workers appear to have been mislead at every turn, with one 2D animator even sharing screengrabs and stories regarding the way the were told “it would be nicer if you wore heels and skirts” by the CEO.

Another story on the Dropbox area from the composer on the project shows the way they were accused of “robbing the firm” when asking for their paycheck.

Honestly, with so many testimonies showing similar information, it’s a pretty awful read and my heart goes out to those that worked on the project.

The publisher, Focus Home Interactive. is yet to make a comment.

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