Ninja Goes To Hollywood?

Love him or hate him, it’s safe to say that Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja, has managed to gain quite a following in the streaming and games industry.

So will that translate to a movie career?

Ninja seems to think so, suggesting in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter that he is eager to get involved in films.

Ninja is famed for his playing of Fortnite

With the crew apparently saying that he was called “a natural” when making a cameo in the upcoming Free Guy (starring Ryan Reynolds) Blevins suggested that he just needs to work on becoming “comfortable” on screen in order to succeed.

Looking for “anything and everything Hollywood” the streamer is apparently not picky about his roles eager to pick up “movies, voice acting” and “cartoons”.

Whilst successful in the streaming industry, Ninja has his fair share of critics, having created several controversies in the past, such as when he referred to anyone who called a game “just a game” as “a horrible human being”

Either way, with the kind of following he has, it seems like we’re going to inevitably see him popping up in more media soon.

What do you think about Ninja being in films?

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