The World Of Grounded Visited By Over One Million Players

No matter what you think of Obsidian’s latest title, it looks like you’re not alone if you decided to shrink down and visit the world of Grounded, with over one million players jumping into the high grass since the release of the preview.

Available now on the Xbox and PC Game Pass, Grounded immerses players in a new garden world encouraging you to survive against huge ants and terrifying spiders.

Announced via a tweet from the official Xbox Wire page, the game has now apparently hosted over one million players, suggesting that many are eager to see the latest offering from the developers behind titles like Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds.

It looks like Obsidian Entertainment can do no wrong recently, with The Outer Worlds enjoying a positive reception from both fans and critics, with DLC planned in the near future, which is apparently set to be a long and exciting experience.

What have you thought of Grounded so far?

Check out my thoughts on Grounded in my latest video

You can check out what I thought of the title so far by heading over and watching my latest YouTube video, or by heading to my Twitch channel here

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