Want To Punish Yourself – Sekiro Adds Gauntlet Modes!

Looking to cause yourself some serious emotional damage?

Why not have a go at one of Sekiro’s new Gauntlet challenges, set to allow you to take on some seriously tough, single-life challenges.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice/ From Software

Announced via a post on the official Activision blog here, it looks like the new Gauntlets of Strength will allow players to fight against old bosses via the Sculptor’s Idol.

If that wasn’t tough enough, it looks like if you die you “must start over from the beginning” meaning that you’re bound to break a few controllers, right?

It’s not all doom and gloom though, with the update also adding some new costume incentives to unlock and a new Reflections mode, which enables you to capture short clips of your most epic moves…or your worst deaths.

Initially released back in March, the game by From Software was a brutal challenge for many, sparking a debate regarding whether the game needs difficulty modes for players who found it far too hard.

If your’e looking for a challenge though, maybe you’ve got the guts to take on the Gauntlet!

The update will launch on the 29th for free for all players.

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