Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay Looks Pretty Amazing – Skill Levels Look High!

We got one of our first looks at the gameplay in Star Wars: Squadrons thanks to Jackfrags great new video, and it looks like we’re not going to be disappointed.

Describing the way in which power can be allocated within your ship, as well as how you can balance your shields during combat, Jackfrags goes through many of the interesting and unique systems in place to make you really feel like a pilot!

Star Wars: Squadrons/ Electronic Arts

Able to both attack yourself as well as to give commands to your teammates, Star Wars: Squadrons looks set to really give us a taste of what it’s like to fly our own Tie Fighter or X-Wing.

Speaking on the subject of difficulty and accessibility, Jackfrags described the game as “a far cry from the space combat in Battlefront II” talking about the interesting simulator elements and joystick/VR support available to die-hard players.

With both a singleplayer campaign as well as a multiplayer mode, Electronic Arts seems to have received the message that players are eager to have both, which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to titles like this.

Announced during the EA event back in June, it looks like the title really has been made by lovers of Star Wars, meaning we’re, hopefully, going to get something really great here.

Personally, I can’t wait to play this in VR on the 2nd of October, when the game is due to release.

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