Fan Of Undertale? – Temmie Chang Releases Free Game With Music From Toby Fox and Camellia

One of the artists behind Undertale, the masterpiece that you can read my full thoughts on here, has now released a new game that you can download for free.

Available via here, Dweller’s Empty Path encourages players to explore and understand the mysterious world around them, having been teleported away from their homeworld.

Dweller’s Empty Path/ Temmie Chang

The game features music from Toby Fox, the mind behind Undertale, and also Camellia, who is known for their extensive remixes, such as this amazing remix of Smash Bros Lifelight.

The Twitter post by Chang, announcing the release of the game

A short experimental title, the game follows on from previous title, Escaped Chasm, which is also available on for free here.

Although the title is only a small project within RPGMaker that can be completed in around 1-2 hours, it looks like something I’m going to pick up and try over the weekend.

Have you played Dweller’s Empty Path yet?

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