PlayStation Robot Factory – Is This The Future?

Looking to read something interesting today?

Why not take a moment to have a read of this brilliant article by Yuji Nitta all about the almost completely automated production line that creates PlayStations for Sony.

Based in Kisarazu, Japan, the factory has around 4/6 human workers, with the rest of the production completed solely by robots provided by Mitsubishi.

PlayStation/ Sony

Thanks, in part, to the fact that the consoles by Sony were created with mass production in mind, robots now handle a wide range of complex tasks and create all aspects of the console, meaning they can be made at a fast rate, regardless of issues or circumstances.

It can be a bit eerie to read that your console was primarily created by a team of highly-complex robots, but at the same time, it’s pretty amazing to think that we’re at that stage already!

…You’ve all played Detroit: Become Human, right?

…What about Portal...

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