Square Enix Planning To Announce Games From July – August

It looks like Square Enix are potentially going to drop some information on a host of new games in the near future, with a Q and A inside a recent shareholder meeting revealing that the company plans to announce the titles they would usually reveal at E3 between July and August.

Seen in a blog post here, a potential presentation was planned but scuppered due to a “lack of assets” with the company instead moving to make the announcements “from July to August”.

Final Fantasy VII Remake/ Square Enix

Many were disappointed to see little from Square Enix, especially considering the huge number of fans awaiting news on the next part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was released back in March.

It’s unclear as to what the company will announce and reveal, with the company recently confirming the upcoming localisation of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, a rhythm game set in the Kingdom Hearts universe, to a mixed reception from fans.

What games do you want to see Square Enix begin work on?

Personally, I’d love to see another title in the Deus Ex series!

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