Halo News On The Way – Tweet/ Teaser Trailer Hints At Upcoming Information

It looks like we’re about to get a bit more information about the next Halo title, Infinite, with the cryptic tweet below giving us an introduction to a potentially new group of foes, The Banished.

Speaking out against the puppeteers of the Covenant, the Prophets, the mysterious voice then mentions that the faction will soon be in control of “the ring” and that “humanity will burn”.

It’s an eerie and interesting message, but it looks to have had the intended effect, exciting fans and getting us ready for a potential update in the very near future!

The tweet was also released as a new teaser trailer, so it looks like it’s not going to be long before we hear more.

Halo Infinite was first showcased at E3 back in 2019, however, the trailer simply showed a cutscene, offering little to show any real information about the game.

Are you excited to play a new Halo?

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