Street Fighter Competition- Latency Issues Lead To Two Players Quitting

It looks like Capcom is in hot water again due to its bad netcode in Street Fighter V, with two players, IDom and ElChakotay qutting mid-match due to bad latency issues during the CPT Online event.

Street Fighter V/ Capcom

Covered here in a great article by Justin Gordon, the two top fighters both left their matches against fellow player MetroM, arguing that the latency issues made the game almost unplayable.

iDom took to Twitter after the match to say that he “felt sorry for whoever has to qualify like this” and also that he has “literally 3 people blacklisted” with MetroM being one of the three.

Whist many are suggesting the problem lies with the player themselves, others have said that this is, again, due to the netcode issues surrounding Street Fighter V, an issue which has tarnished the game since its release back in 2016.

Just back in February, for example, stories circulated about the way in which Capcom had punished players that had fixed the issue, with the problems continuing on to this day.

It’s a shame to see such talented players thrown out of the competition and also puts a dark spot on the wins achieved, but what do you think?

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