New Fighter Coming To Smash Bros Is ARMS Character

It looks like we’re going to learn more about the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter on Monday the 22nd, with Nintendo of Europe tweeting that the next character, a fighter from the multiplayer Switch title, ARMS, will be unveiled at 16:00 CEST.

Seen in the tweet above, the character is due to be unveiled by director Masahiro Sakurai, but many are still eager to hear more from Nintendo, with no Nintendo Direct plans made public and several outlets reporting that Nintendo has no plans for a Nintendo Direct, their way of announcing new hardware and games, this year.

ARMS, a fighting title on the Nintendo Switch, allows players to take control of larger-than-life characters with spring-like fists, enabling them to fight over long distances. The addition of the mystery character to Super Smash Bros Ultimate could be an interesting one, with the fighter having the capability to potentially attack from mid-range.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate/ Nintendo

However, it’s puzzling to wonder how Nintendo chooses the characters to add to the title, with Sakurai himself mentioning previously that he has very little impact on the choice of characters, with the company deciding which is most beneficial to add to the game.

Could this mean that the ARMS series is far from over and an announcement is just around the corner?

Who knows!

Are you excited for a new Smash character?

Who do you want to see announced?

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