Mortal Kombat May End Up In New Hands – Warner Looking To Sell Gaming Division?

It looks like a few popular titles may end up with new publishers, with AT&T, the company behind Warner Brothers, considering the sale of the company’s gaming division.

Reported on here by Alex Sherman for CNBC, AT&T seems eager to sell the division, which includes titles like Mortal Kombat, Scribblenauts and more, with the likes of Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard and several others potentially interested in the prospect of picking up the IPs associated with the brand.

The series has always been famous for it’s gore/ Mortal Kombat/ Netherrealm

Apparently coming in around the $4 billion mark, the sale could include a commercial licencing agreement, meaning that Warner would still be able to generate income from the titles in question and dictate their direction, to an extent, however, it still remains to be seen whether the company will confirm the sale.

It’s all very quiet over at Warner Brothers on the subject, with no official comment, however, if Mortal Kombat were to change hands, which company would you like to see behind the wheel?

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