Back From The Grave – Dead Island 2 Gameplay Leaks

It looks like we’re getting our first look at Dead Island 2, finally, with a playable development version of the game apparently leaked and several screenshots and videos appearing on twitter.

Seen in the tweet above, gameplay from an early build of the title has apparently been screenshot and recorded, meaning that we can finally see the direction the game has taken.

The video below from GamersPrey also showcases a bit of the gameplay, highlighting the interesting dual wielding mechanics and faster combat on offer within Dead Island 2.

Whilst we’ve already been given a glimpse of the game before via several reports, it’s interesting to see the game actually being played, rather than through professionally created trailers.

The leaked gameplay from Dead Island 2, hosted on YouTube by GamersPrey

First announced way back in 2014, the sequel to the popular title has been in a dark place since, with very little in regard to updates, however, many publications claim the title is far from deceased, something backed up by the gameplay we’re seeing now.

Whilst it’s an interesting development, we’re still awaiting information from the development team themselves, with no actual release date set for the title.

Are you going to grab Dead Island 2?

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