Valorant Set To Succeed – Three Million Players A Day During Beta

It looks like the latest project from Riot Games is set to be a success, with the new free-to-play multiplayer title, Valorant, bringing in roughly three million players a day according to the company.

Valorant/ Riot Games

Planned to release on the 2nd of June, Valorant allows players to fight against one another as either an attacking or defending side in a similar style to titles like Overwatch.

The game also looks set to really ruffle some feathers when it comes to the server tick rate, with Valorant using 128 hertz tick rate servers for multiplayer. To put this in perspective, Rainbow Six: Siege is 60 hertz. That means we can say goodbye to bullet-dodging and issues regarding framerate.

Having developed League of Legends in the past, Riot Games are no strangers to creating large-scale Esport-style games, however, the beta figures do raise a few eyebrows, with the company suggesting that, due to having given out so many keys to the closed beta, the game was packed, as you can see reported in this article by Fraser Brown for PC Gamer.

Are you excited to jump into Valorant?

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