Red Alert Remaster Will Make Modding Easier – Source Code Being Released

It looks like modders are going to have a field day with the new remaster of Command and Conquer, with the developers revealing that the corresponding source code will also be released alongside the game.

Answering questions in a recent AMA, the question regarding whether the modding community would have an easy time with the game was asked, only for producer on the project, Jim Vessella, to respond with the news that the .dlls and corresponding source code would be available to the community, allowing them to “replace art, edit date” and even “create new units”.

The game will also feature a map editor that will allow for custom campaign and skirmish maps and is also confirmed to have Steam Workshop support.

Command and Conquer/ Petroglyph/ Electronic Arts

Planned to release on the 5th of June, the remaster of the classic RTS titles will include Comand and Conquer and Red Alert, as well as all of the expansions to go alongside the games. It will also include the original music from Frank Klepacki, but also some previously unreleased tracks and footage from behind the scenes.

With the release date just around the corner, who else is about to head back into the battlefield?


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