Formula E Driver Gets Gamer To Pretend To Be Him In Charity Event

We’ve always been told that being good at a game doesn’t mean we’re good at the thing in question, for example, being a good shot in Call of Duty doesn’t mean you’re a brilliant soldier…

Well, it looks like it also works the other way round, meaning that just because you’re a great driver on the road, doesn’t mean you’ll be a great driver in a game.

F1 2020/ Codemasters

It seems like with Formula E Racer, Daniel Abt, also came to this conclusion, having recently been disqualified from a charity event after having a professional gamer play in his place.

Reported via an article here for the BBC, Abt apparently got a professional gamer to take place in the official esports event, but was discovered when fellow driver, Jean-Eric Vergne asked Abt to appear on camera whilst playing the game.

Abt has been fined £8,900 for his deception during the charity event and said that he felt “especially sorry” for not taking the event “as seriously as I should have”.

Bad move, Daniel!

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