Let The Battle Of The Consoles Begin – Hunt: Showdown Now Has Crossplay

Eager to fight against the forces of evil, as well ass those who dared to buy a different console than you?

Then I’ve got news, with crossplay between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now available for Hunt: Showdown.

Announced via a tweet earlier this week, the new update will allow players to join games with players on other consoles, but players are unable to find their friends on other consoles and instead must leave the matchmaking to chance.

The survival-horror title sees players battle against the forces of evil as bounty hunters, before forcing them to do combat with one another in order to keep their spoils.

Hunt: Showdown/ Crytek/ Koch Media

Playing as part of a team or alone, you must solve clues to discover the location of your quarry and kill them to obtain your loot, however, other players then have the opportunity to hunt you down and claim the spoils for themselves.

Which leads me to ask one question…

Are you ready to hunt?

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