Ultimate Team Mode Brings In $1.49 Billion This Year

It looks like Electronic Arts will be more than pleased with their earnings this year, with the Ultimate Team mode on their sports games bringing in $1.49 Billion.

Shown in the tweet below from Video Games Analyst Daniel Ahmad, EA seems to have earned more than ever from Ultimate Team, the mode that encourages players to purchase cards via microtransactions.

What’s more, it looks like EA have made a pretty tidy profit over the last 5 years thanks to the mode, showcasing the way in which microtransactions can cause huge spikes in revenue for companies that indulge in the shady practice.

Having come under intense scrutiny thanks to their implementation of microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefronts II back in 2017, the company relented and removed the in-game purchases from several of their games, however, they fought hard to keep the practice within FIFA, clearly due to the large-scale revenue it brings in.

Despite attempting to combat the backlash, EA was defeated on the subject in several places, including Belgium, due to the way in which these transactions are considered predatory towards younger players, potentially encouraging them to engage in gambling due to hidden rewards, but it looks like they’re still raking the cash in elsewhere.

Are you against the practice, or do you have a different view?

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