VR Seems Dangerous – Man Leaps Into TV…

I think many of us have questioned just how real virtual reality can get, as well as just how far games can push their limits by utilising VR headsets, but I don’t think anyone expected customers to push back.


Richie’s Plank Experience/ Toast

Well, it looks like VR can get a bit too realistic for some, with a man apparently diving into his television whilst playing, what appears to be, Richie’s Plank Experience.

First posted on Reddit by user TooShiftyForYou, the clip (which you can watch here) is a pretty difficult watch, especially considering you’re also able to see the destruction caused by the tumble.

From the looks of things, the man appears to dive from the plank in order to get to another building, completely forgetting that he’s inside his living room.

An awkward fumble that’s now immortalised online, or a harrowing vision of a fatality-filled future?

Personally, I just hope he’s O.K and that he had that television insured!

Have you found VR to be immersive or do you think that it still has a long way to go?

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