Anthem Working On Feedback To Fix Game – Unlikely?

It looks like Anthem is far from dead, with the studio head at BioWare Austin, Christian Dailey, saying that they are now trying to impliment feedback they’ve seen whilst “silently stalking” fans on social media and Reddit.

Announcing some potential updates via a blog post here, Dailey said that the team were “committed to this project” and eager to start updating and improving the controversial title over the next few months.

Anthem/ Bioware

Speaking on what’s been going on since the last update in February, Dailey said that the team “really want the experience to be different” from what players currently experience, but is totally aware that they will face “tough challenges” in making the game successful.

Having released in January 2019, Anthem received a multitude of negative reviews and was the brunt of anger from fans, who felt cheated and frustrated due to false footage having shown the game as far more interesting and exciting than it actually was.

Having been written off by many and, arguably, by the development team (have a look at the Christmas lights debacle here if you haven’t already) it looks like the game is far from abandoned, but can it succeed after such a string of failures?

Dailey mentions that we’re going to hear more via some regular communications in the near future, but can the game be saved at this point?

Personally, I’m sceptical, but what do you think?

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