Terraria Is 4th for Top Games For Current Players

It looks like the new update for Terraria, Journey’s End, has managed to capture fans and encourage many to return, with the game having taken the 4th spot on the list of games with the highest player count in the last 24 hours on Steam.

With over 450,000 players online between the 16th and the 17th of May, Terraria seems to be gaining a new lease of life thanks to the final update from Re-Logic.

Terraria: Journey’s End/ Re-Logic

Having initially launched on the 16th of May back in 2011, Journey’s End is the final update for Terraria, updating existing features and adding a host of new content.

Whilst the game has always enjoyed success with the gaming community, Terraria seems to be undergoing a new lease of life thanks to the final update that adds features such as master mode, the bestiary and over 1000 new items.

Alongside this, the new update also seems to fix and patch several issues, but also looks to be making the game more accessible to the modding community, apparently also adding support for the Steam Workshop.

It’s great to see Re-Logic adding the final features to the amazing title and I can’t wait to jump in.

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