Xbox Marketing Admits They Marketed Inside Xbox Event Incorrectly

I think it’s safe to say that everyone was pretty excited to see the Inside Xbox showcase, with its promises of new gameplay, trailers and sneak peeks, but many fans were left dissapointed when very little was actually shown.

Whilst some interesting shots and games were showcased, many were irritated by the lack of actual gameplay footage on offer, with the video hosted by IGN here currently sitting on 10k likes to 5.3k dislikes.

Clearly this hasn’t gone unnoticed by Microsoft, with Aaron Greenberg, the Xbox Marketing GM taking to Twitter to address the criticism.

Speaking in the tweet, Greenberg admitted that they “set some wrong expectations” on the lead up to the event and also that they will “take it all in & learn as a team” however, it’s not exactly anything new, with many suggesting that this isn’t exactly an unprecedented situation.

Whilst it’s great to see Greenberg addressing the fan criticism, we’ll have to wait to see whether this changes their approach in the future.

Which game from the showcase are you looking forward to?

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