Tony Hawk Pro Skater Apparently Launching In 2020

It looks like we might get a new Tony Hawk title in the near future, with professional skateboarder Jason Dill mentioning the release in a video with The Nine Club.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater/ Neversoft

The video, which can be seen in it’s entirety here, covered a wide range of topics, but it’s at the 1:36.00 mark that Dill mentions the upcoming game.

Dill also added that he made sure to “add my board” to the wide range of skateboards and items apparently on offer within the game.

Dill also went on to mention a few more details about his past with the series, describing his interaction with the new game in the series as “a trip” for the long-time fan.

So, I guess that means a new title is pretty much confirmed!

Who else is excited to shred once again in a new Tony Hawk game?

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