Bethesda and Mick Gordon Fall Out?

It looks like Mick Gordon, the amazing composer behind Doom 2016’s iconic soundtrack, had less of a hand in Doom: Eternal, suggesting via a tweet that he “didn’t mix” several of the tracks in the game, instead only working on “a small handful”.

Responding to questions from ThatACDCguy, who was curious and disappointed in the mixing of the songs in the soundtrack, Gordon suggested that he was far less involved, saying that he “wouldn’t have done” what can be seen on the soundtrack currently.

Doom: Eternal/ Id Software

On its own, it would be a nothing more than a slight concern, but apparently Gordon has suggested that he would probably not work with Bethesda again, as seen here in a thread on ResetEra, where Gordon, when questioned on whether he would return to another Doom project, said that he doubts “we’ll work together again”.

It’s a shame to see such a talented composer potentially stepping down, especially considering the amazing work we’ve seen so far, but is it also a sign of the conditions with Bethesda?

What do you think about the situation?

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