China looks to block all online gameplay with those outside of the country

It looks like Chinese censorship is going to get far more extreme in the near future, with the country apparently now looking into drafting laws that would stop those in China from taking part in games that include people from other countries.

Having made headlines recently via Animal Crossing, the Chinese government is always eager to stop protesters and critics from voicing their opinions online, however, it now looks like the country wants to go a step further, stopping outside influence and negativity regarding the country from reaching its citizens.

Mentioned here in an article for the Taiwan News, it looks like the regime is apparently now far more aware of the “authority vacuum” as a result of online multiplayer games and are now eager to stop interactions with those outside of China.

Often criticised for its barring of free speech and treatment of those both within the country and also within Hong Kong, China seems to be taking this yet another step further.

More on this as the story develops.

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