This Is Not A Drill – New Crysis On The Way?

It looks like we might need to get ready to overload our computers again, with a new Crysis title potentially on the way.

With information teased via a cryptic tweet on the official Crysis Twitter page, fans are starting to hype themselves up about a new potential title in the series.

Initially teased via an updated image here, many thought the announcement was an April fools joke, however, now it looks a bit more certain that a new Crysis title is on the way.

Known for its incredibly high specs and unbelievable graphical performances, the Crysis titles from Crytek are usually a benchmark for PC performance, pushing the boundaries of high end machines to their limits.

The teased image earlier this year

Taking control of Nomad, Prophet or (most recently) Alcatraz, players are able to utilise a wide range of superhuman skills and abilities thanks to the nanosuit, a pretty high-tech piece of kit that enables invisibility, super strength and incredible agility.

Are you ready for a new Crysis title?

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