Looks Like A 3-Count for WWE 2K21 – Game Reportedly Cancelled

It looks like the host of bugs and backlash surrounding WWE 2K20 didn’t go unnoticed, with this year’s title apparently cancelled, according to sources.

Released back in October 2019, WWE 2K20 was torn apart almost immediately by fans and critics, who called it everything from “an absolute disaster” to “a technical trainwreck” thanks to a myriad of bugs, glitches and other problems that made it nigh-on-unplayable.

Despite the silence from the WWE, it looks like these reviews were most definitely noticed by someone over at the company, with the next title in the series potentially cancelled.

Justin Leeper, the former writer of modes such as Road to WrestleMania in other games in the series has stepped up to say that he “heard from reliable sources, and I truly believe, that WWE 2K21 has been cancelled.”

Quoted here in an article for Ringside News, the Leeper also went on to state that it was a good thing for the game to be cancelled this year, suggesting that is isn’t “a bad thing” as it would allow the studio to work on preparing for the undertaking next year.

The wide range of bugs and problems within 2K20 was reportedly due to the WWE changing developers, meaning that many members of staff over at Yuke’s were unprepared and new to the systems utilised within the previous games, leading to a wide range of issues.

What did you think about WWE 2K20?

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