Good Guy Obsidian Strikes Again – Arachnophobia Mode On Grounded Means Everyone Can Play

Obsidian Entertainment has proven, once again, to be a real force for good in the gaming community, announcing via tweet that there will be an Arachnophobia mode in their new game set within the insect world, Grounded.

Seen above in the recent tweet, Obsidian responded to a fan who felt that they may be unable to play the title due to a fear of spiders, mentioning that the game would feature a mode that meant they could be avoided, so that people who “aren’t fans of spiders” can still “enjoy the game”.

Obsidian seems to have a track record of supporting their fans in regard to accessibility, for example, in the way they adapted The Outer Worlds to be “playable without colour information” in order to support colourblind players and developers last year.

It’s brilliant to see Obsidian, the company that once brought us Fallout: New Vegas, going from strength to strength in regard to PR, especially considering the way they were often mistreated themselves in the past, for example in the way Bethesda infamously denied them a bonus after missing a Metacritic score by one point.

I wonder if Bethesda’s PR team are taking notes?…

Grounded, the new game set within the insect world, is set to release as an early access title on Xbox game Preview and Steam Early Access on the 28th of July, with no delays announced currently.

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