No official E3 2020 Online Event, Instead Reimagined E3 planned for 2021.

With a wide range of different events cancelled due to Coronavirus, it’s safe to say that many of us were less than surprised that E3, the popular gaming event, was cancelled this year.

However, one surprise is that there is apparently no E3 online event planned, with a rep for the event suggesting that, although digital presentations are planned for 2020, there are no plans for an official E3 online event.

Speaking to PC Gamer here, a rep suggested that the Entertainment Software Association was instead eager to bring people together in 2021 to present “a reimagined E3” that will both “highlight new offerings and thrill our audiences”.

Despite these reassurances, the cancellation has led many to question whether E3 can really recover and regain its position as an important event, with many citing recent controversies and the decisions of many companies and publishers to host their own, online events.

Do you think E3 can regain its place as an important event?

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