Stephen Fry enters New Horizons, but does he like the Bunny Day event?

It looks like Animal Crossing is proving itself pretty popular, with ex-QI host and all-around national treasure, Stephen Fry, now joining the long list of players now exploring their own islands.

Speaking on the game in a recent Tweet that you can see above, Fry said that he was “very much taken” by the voices of Timmy and Tommy but also quizzically and comically asked about the point of the game in general, suggesting that maybe it could be “a metaphor for life itself?”

It’s safe to say that many players are enjoying the latest title in the Animal Crossing series, however, it looks like the most recent Easter event, known as Bunny Day, which runs across part of April, is less than everyone’s favourite time.

Already described as awful by many news outlets and spoken of as a “rotten egg” on the Subreddit, fans are finding the event to be less than enjoyable, with many of the usual foraging items and creatures replaced with colourful eggs.

The problem is that these eggs are replacing items gamers would usually be trying to obtain, using up the durability of items and reducing the number of unique creatures and items that players can find.

Whilst the eggs are usable for many exclusive items during the event, it seems like a bit of a punishment, with people feeling “forced into the event”.

Personally, I’m struggling to find the motivation to really get out into my island whilst the event is active, but then again, I need to cool down after an hour of Resident Evil and Doom Eternal!

What are your thoughts on Animal Crossing: New Horizons so far?

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