Let's combine (get it) Half-Life: Alyx and math homework

It looks like the world’s best teacher has been found!

Seen in the video below, maths teacher Charles Coomber decided to combine the latest VR title from Valve, Half-Life: Alyx, with his homeschooling schedule, utilising the game to teach angles to his class.

Charles Coomber teachers angles via Half-Life:Alyx

Wielding a virtual pen, Coomber goes on to teach the students (and us) more about how you can utilise your knowledge to solve things like complimentary angles and more.

A really positive way to utilise video games, Coomber really shows himself as a pretty fantastic teacher.

The video is also a testament to the advanced physics and controls afforded by Valve’s latest title in the Half-Life series.

You can watch the whole video above or you can head to the link here to give him some love via a like and a subscribe!

Great job, Charles!

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