Animal Crossing: New Horizon beats Doom: Eternal in the charts

It looks like Nintendo will be happy this week, with Animal Crossing’s latest entry in the series beating Doom: Eternal for the top spot in the boxed game sales chart.

Seen here in an article for, the chart shows Animal Crossing, Doom: Eternal and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in the top three spots in the chart.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons/ Nintendo

Whilst it’s no surprise that the two have taken the top spots due to the current advise around the world to stay home, it was a bit surprising to see the blossoming friendship between Doom and Animal Crossing fans, with memes showcase the weird and wacky ways in which the two could be crossed.

It’s great to see both games receiving such good receptions and it’s good to see the fans coming together in a positive way, especially considering the current climate around the world.

So, which one are you playing, or are you playing both?

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