PS5 reveal – Technical talk shows the power of PS5…but bear in mind it was meant for developers

It looks like the PlayStation 5 is going to be a pretty impressive console, with a wide number of improvements over the previous generation, such as an SSD and more.

The talk was also where we finally received confirmation that the PlayStation 5 does have backwards compatibility, meaning the console will be able to play PlayStation 4 titles (though we didn’t hear about whether the console will be able to play titles from consoles before the PS4).

Announcing more about the console through a livestream that happened earlier today, the PlayStation 5 features were showcased to the gaming public for the first time.

Despite being an interesting journey for developers, it looks like the talk was pretty stale for gamers, with many a bit confused, expecting a public announcement and lost in the deep technical talk, which despite being really interesting, was also incredibly in-depth. (Probably due to the fact that the talk was initially meant to be for GDC)

In a very muted stream that seemed more like a university lecture, game designer and executive Mark Cerny spoke about the influences that lead to the latest console, including the consoles that came from Sony in the past.

Apparently focusing on developer feedback, Sony has tried to make the console as accessible to game developers and publishers as possible, meaning that game designers will have access to a custom engine for audio, known as the Tempest Engine, as well as a SSD that was the “number one ask” that many thought was “probably impossible”.

The technical breakdown went into depth on why the console will be something new and exciting to hit the gaming market, minimising boot and load times and working “100 times faster”.

This will apparently mean that there will be “no load screens” and that you’ll “immediately be back in the action after you die”.

The stream was also a great way for gamers to learn more about the ways in which developers work to create games, as well as about the technology itself and the ways this will lead to more freedom for developers.

Personally, I thought it was great to see a bit more about the design process, but can understand why it was easy to get a bit lost in the technical talk!

Are you excited for the PlayStation 5?

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