E3 looks like it may be cancelled – multiple sources suggest

It looks like E3 might end up cancelled this year, with multiple sources suggesting that the popular gaming event will be put on hold in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

An event that many gamers have in their calendar, E3 allows a wide range of companies the opportunity to announce new games and products, and although it has lost some of its big-hitters, such as Sony and Electronic Arts, the event is still a pretty big deal in the gaming world.

However, it looks like the event may now be suspended due to fears of spreading the coronavirus.

Speaking on the event in a recent tweet, author and game journalist Mike Futter suggested that he’d heard from “MULTIPLE sources” that the event would be cancelled “tmw AM”.

This alone would be enough for many to cause doubt about whether E3 will go ahead, but when coupled with tweets like the one below from Devolver Digital, it looks like the cancellation is pretty much a certainty.

And they weren’t the only ones…

Whilst it’s a shame to see the event cancelled, it’s good to see that the gaming industry is putting the health and safety of the public and their employees first.

What do you think about the potential cancellation?

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