GeForce Now loses 2K Games but gains Epic Games support

It’s been a tough time for GeForce Now recently, with the streaming service losing the support of a wealth of game developers and publishers, including Bethesda, Activision Blizzard and, most recently 2K Games.

The streaming service has been hailed as one of them most beneficial for gamers and customers, with players able to stream games they have already bought via Steam and other online storefronts for free for an hour or for an unlimited time if they pay £4.99 a month.

Borderlands 3/ Gearbox Software/ 2k Games

Despite the good feedback from customers, developers and publishers seem far less interested in working with the platform as it doesn’t lead to another sale directly, however, many have likened this to having to ask developers for permission before installing a game on a different computer.

It’s a complex situation and GeForce Now have been hit hard by the number of different companies opting out of the service, however, it looks like they may have been thrown a lifeline by Epic Games.

Speaking on the subject in a tweet here, Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic said that they would be “wholeheartedly supporting” the service, which is the “most developer-friendly and publisher-friendly” of all the streaming services on offer.

Sweeney also went on to say that they would be supporting the service due to the “zero tax on game revenue” offered by GeForce Now, a healthy alternative to the “payment monopolies and 30% taxes” currently enforced by the likes of Apple and Google Play.

It’s a healthy boost for the service, but at the same time, with many still wary of the Epic Store, could the support backfire and become something negative for the service?

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