Now you can get Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Iphone and Android!

So, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had the urge to turn into a large, fireball wielding bat or a poisonous mist cloud when our train is delayed or we’re stuck in traffic, right?

Just me?

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night/ Konami

Regardless of what you do when you’re bored or annoyed, it looks like you can now entertain yourself on the go with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night now available for Android and iOS.

Appearing quietly on the store for £2.99 yesterday, the classic title can now be downloaded and played via your phone, meaning there’s never been a better time to jump back into Alucard’s adventures and fight against the forces of darkness.

Initially released in 1998, Symphony of the Night was one of the games often credited as responsible for half of the Metroidvania genre, having been the first title in the series to have embraced the idea of exploration and discovery in a far less linear fashion compared to the previous games in the series.

Are you going to jump back into your quest to beat Dracula?

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