Death Stranding’s new Photo Mode on PC leads to some pretty amazing shots

It looks like the new Photo Mode coming to Death Stranding on PC will allow players to capture some truly impressive images.

Shown off via Hideo Kojima in the tweet above, the new mode will enable players to pause the game and edit several factors before snapping those pictures, meaning you’ll never want for an image of a distressed and confused Norman Reedus again!

Whilst it’s great to see the new feature hitting the PC release, fans on the PS4 are still in the dark, with the famed director and creator staying silent about whether this feature will hit consoles as well.

Death Stranding/ Kojima Productions

Having seen mixed feedback when it was initially released, Death Stranding, the first project from Kojima’s new studio, Kojima Productions, has done well to achieve several awards and has also captured the hearts of many, myself included.

The title is also pegged as one of the front-runners for the upcoming BAFTA awards, where Kojima is scheduled to receive his own award for contributions in the gaming industry.

Hopefully the Photo Mode isn’t the last new feature we see in Death Stranding.

Are you a Death Stranding fan?

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