Nvidia GeForce Now in trouble again – The Long Dark developer not asked permission before game added?

Nvida really can’t seem to catch a break with their streaming service, GeForce Now, with The Long Dark developer Raphael van Lierop now suggesting in a post that he doesn’t want his game hosted on the service and hadn’t been asked whether he would allow the game to be featured on the service.

The Long Dark/ Hinterland Studio

Speaking on the situation in a tweet you can see here, Lierop apologised for inconveniencing fans but also said that he thought developer should “control where their games exist” and that Nvidia “didn’t ask for our permission” before adding the The Long Dark to the list of games available.

Having apparently offered the developer “a free graphics card” since the situation occurred as a peace offering, Nvidia seems eager to avoid the backlash.

That being said, many fans seem conflicted on the subject, arguing that the service is merely another platform to play a game they’ve bought already, as the game needs to be purchased and in the Steam library of the gamer before GeForce Now will allow it to be streamed.

One Twitter user, for example, likened the developer’s argument to having to ask permission before uninstalling a game and reinstalling on a new computer.

What do you think about the situation and who’s in the right?

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