Plague Inc. removed from China App Store – Surely this will cure coronavirus

It looks like Plague Inc. has just been removed from the Chinese App Store, meaning the game is effectively unable to be bought or played in China.

Announced via a post on the Ndemic Creations website, it looks like the company has been left in the dark about the decision, with the announcement saying that the team are unsure about whether “this removal is linked to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that China is facing”.

Plague Inc/ Ndemic Creations

Whilst the company is working hard to bring the game back onto the market for fans in China, it’s funny to see that one of the major priorities during a health crisis is to censor the computer game market, especially when you consider that this isn’t a spate of violence that’s usually blamed (wrongly) on the influence of video games, it’s a pandemic virus…

What do you think about the game being removed from the store?

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