Stardew Valley creator working on another free content update – no plans for paid DLC

Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, is really one of the good guys when it comes to game development, having created the iconic Stardew Valley and supported it via free updates since 2016.

Now, the creator has shown himself to be even more of a saint, already working on a free content update despite the fact that the most recent one, 1.4, has just been released.

Speaking on Twitter, Barone suggested that there was also no plans for any form of paid DLC and also that he was keen to create more games, something that was also suggested via a tweet from the developer earlier this month.

Stardew Valley/ ConcernedApe/ Chucklefish

Having enjoyed huge success, Stardew Valley really shows that passion and care trumps the huge investments of large-scale publishers, with the game now having sold over ten million copies.

Although I’m not sure what we’ll see in the new update, I can’t wait to see what Barone is working on!

Are you a Stardew Valley fan?

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