PlatinumGames are on to a winner – Bayonetta and Vanquish release tops charts in UK

It looks like PlatinumGames are on to another winner, with the boxed release of Bayonetta and Vanquish hitting the top ten in the UK during its first week in retail.

With an article here by Christopher Dring going into more detail on the subject, it looks like the the anniversary bundle managed to catch the 10th spot on the list for the week ending February 22nd, which makes for yet another success story for the popular developer.

Bayonetta/ PlatinumGames

Having recently dramatically surpassed their Kickstarter goal for the remaster of The Wonderful 101, PlatinumGames look to be unable to do anything wrong with the gaming community, going from strength to strength with customers.

Combine this with the fact that the company has 3 more mysterious projects to announce in the near future and it looks like the developer could be in for a very good year!

Are you a fan of PlatinumGames?

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